Product & Application


Product name
WhiVidone  PVP / H2O2  complexes

WhiVidone 30 is complex of KoVidone K30 & H2O2

WhiVidone 90 is complex of KoVidone K90&与H2O2

WhiVidone XL is complex of PolyKoVidone XL & H2O2

CAS NO.:9003-39-8,7722-84-1

Retain the most of the properties of the KoVidone polymers; Safe & stable;Continually release hydrogen peroxide on contract with water or saliva; Be easilyformulated as gels, liquid, tablets and films without taste or odor.

WhiVidone 30 & 90 soluble in water and other organic solvents;

WhiVidone XL insoluble in water or other solvents but will swell quickly in water;


Sustained releasinghydrogen peroxide in aqueous medium, mainly used in dental and oral care applications, such as:

Tooth whitening/bleaching;  Stain removal/bleaching agents in denture cleaner tablets;

Contact lens cleaners,Wart treatments,canker sore treatments;

Topical antiseptics, Wound cleaners, Ear wax removers, Veterinary treatments, Cleaners &detergents, Hair bleach, Permanent hair color, Permanent waves, Hair relaxers, Toilet bowlcleaners, Drain openers, Mold & mildew removers, Medical device and implant coatings, etc..