Product & Application

PVM/MA-MS (OraReZ MS) 62386-95-2

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OraRez MS, with its unique composition and bioadhesive properties, finds applications in various fields, particularly in the development of products that require strong adhesion to biological surfaces. Its biocompatibility and water-solubility contribute to its versatility in different formulations.

OraRez MS (PVM/MA – MS)

CAS: [62386-95-2]

(methyl vinyl ether/maleic acid mixed sodium/calcium salt)


o Biocompatible water-soluble polymer

o Excellent bioadhesive/mucoadhesive properties

o Calcium salt bridges enhance cohesive properties


OraRez MS is an excellent bioadhesive/mucoadhesive. The salt bridges improve the cohesive nature within the polymer, which makes them more able to sustain their adhesive properties over time. Applications include:

o Bioadhesives and mucoadhesives

o Denture adhesives

o Wound coatings

o Skin protecting films

o Drug delivery

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PVM/MA-MS (OraReZ MS) is a mixed calcium/sodium salt of methyl vinyl ether-co-maleic acid copolymer. Strong customer and quality management services to assist our customers, Boai NKY Pharmaceuticals Ltd. In bulk supply top purity 62386-95-2 in stock.

Bioadhesive/Mucoadhesive Properties:

OraRez MS is recognized for its excellent bioadhesive/mucoadhesive characteristics.

The presence of salt bridges enhances the cohesive nature within the polymer, improving its adhesive properties.

Polymer Nature:

It is a biocompatible water-soluble polymer.

Bioadhesive/Mucoadhesive Functionality:

OraRez MS MA specifically serves as a bioadhesive/mucoadhesive, indicating its ability to adhere to biological surfaces.