Product & Application

KoVidone K

Boai NKY KoVidone® and PolyKoVidone® polymers are an essential ingredient to formulating highly effective pharmaceutical products. The polymers are produced in a state of the art manufacturing facility operating under full cGMP compliance. In addition, all physical handling and packaging of powders is conducted in class-D clean rooms with specific attention placed on reducing the risk of any potential particulate/foreign matter contamination.

KoVidone® K     

Product name    KoVidone® K Povidone

USP/EP name    Povidone, povidonum

INCI/CTFA       Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP)

CAS NO.        9003-39-8

Properties      Nontoxic; Non-irritant; Hygroscopic; Freely soluble in water, alcohol and most other organic solvents; Very slightly soluble in acetone; Excellent solubility; Film-forming; Chemical stability; Physiologically inert; Complexation and binding property.

Specification     Based on the polymer molecular weight and viscosity in water, the current series products are classified based on their K-values.

*K-value is calculated by determining the polymer relative viscosity in water and applying the results to the Fikentscher equation.

**Mv is viscosity-average molecular weight.


KoVidone® K series products possess excellent binding, film-forming, dispersing and thickening properties and are widely used in the following dosage forms:


•  Binder: suitable for wet and dry granulation and direct compression in tableting, improves particle compressibility and can be added to powder blends in dry or granulated forms by the addition of water, alcohol or hydro-alcoholic solutions.

•  Solubilizer: suitable for oral and parenteral formulations, enhancing the solubility of poorly soluble drugs in solid dispersion forms.

•  Coating agent or binder: coating of active pharmaceutical ingredients on a support structure.

•  Suspending, stabilizing or viscosity-modifying agent: suitable for topical and oral suspension and solution applications. The solubility of poorly soluble drugs may be enhanced by combining with KoVidone.