Boai NKY Pharmaceuticals Ltd (NKY, stock code: 300109) was the first domestic company to develop and manufacture polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) series products in China. With more than 27 year’s experience in PVP production coupled to a dedicated commitment to quality improvement and management, NKY has become the largest Chinese producer of PVP’s and third largest globally.

In April of 2013, construction of NKY’s new plant with 138,800 m2of land and 50,000 m2of structure was completed, making it the production center for our PVP and PVM/MA polymer families. The new facilities includes production capacity of: 12,000 tons/year GBL; 5,000 tons/year 2-pyrrolidone; 5,000 tons/year NVP; 2,500 tons/year PVM/MA copolymer; 2,000 tons/year MVE and 5,000 tons/year PVP’s.

Our product offerings include: GBL, 2-P, NVP monomer, PVP K series, Copovidone, VP/VA copolymer series, PVPP, PVP-I complex, vinyl ether intermediate and PVM/MA copolymers. NKY is the only domestic company capable of manufacturing PVP K-12 (powder and liquid) and PVP K-60, K-90 and K-120 powders.

All pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and oral care products are manufactured according to cGMP regulations in our new facilities, making it a model for China’s excipient and food additive’s production safety management.

With the establishment of the R&D Center in Boai and the Technical Research Center in Tianjin, NKY is committed to R&D and the development of new products and technologies to bring new solutions and value to their customers. We are continuously striving to become the most trusted partner to our customers by providing materials that meet their quality requirements and enhance their finished product’s performance.

The company continues to develop new technologies and capabilities to better serve its market as can be attested by the many company patents and distinctions. Recently, NKY has been awarded the distinction as National Torch Plan high-tech company, qualifying the company as a State-level high-tech enterprise. On a provincial level, our technical R&D center has been qualified as a Jiaozuo innovation center and our company as an environmentally responsible enterprise.

We provide high quality pharmaceutical excipients for our customers in more than 60 countries worldwide.
Boai NKY has formally registered on REACH for PVP/Monomer NVP (upto 1000MT/a),  Register No.: 01-2119498301-39-0002

NKY®is the registered trademark of Boai NKY Pharmaceuticals Ltd (NKY). KoVidone®, PolyKoVidone®, PolyFilter®, PolyViscol®, WhiVidone®, OraRez®are the trademark names of NKY.

Products are mainly used in: Pharmaceutical accessories, hair gel, wine products stabilizer, water treatment, glue stick, oral care products, etc.
      Customer first: quality first, continuous innovation, the pursuit of excellence.

    Business purpose: research and development of functional polymer new products, leading human life.

      Business philosophy: quality management is the program of our management, technical innovation is the
                               fundamental to our survival, customer satisfaction is the yardstick to measure our
                               work, the creation of brand name is our goal.
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