Product & Application

OraRez W

OraRez W (PVM/MA – Diacid)

CAS: [25153-40-6]

(methyl vinyl ether/maleic acid copolymer)



o Biocompatible water-soluble film former

o Excellent bioadhesive/mucoadhesive properties

o Excellent chelating properties

o Enhances solubilization and retention of actives and drugs

o Broad molecular weight range and tunable rheology

o Polyanion having two distinct pKa’s



OraRez W is an outstanding mucoadhesiving showing the ability to complex, solubilize and retain actives on the mucosal tissue. The material’s bioadhesive properties’ and unique structure makes it an invaluable component to pharmaceutical products. Applications include:

o Retention of drugs on mucosal tissue

o Water-soluble, pain-free adhesive applications (e.g. ostomy bags, buccal patches)

o Solubilization/retention of actives in the oral cavity

o PVM/MA-polymer or PVM/MA-drug complex systems for controlled release

o Enteric coatings and systems

o Hydrogel dressing