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KoVidone VA64 25086-89-9

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High Purity 99% Pharmaceutical Grade Copovidone (PVP VA64/Kovidone VA64) 25086-89-9

Copovidone (PVP VA64/Kollidon VA64) is a vinylpyrrolidone-vinyl acetate copolymer, appearing as a white or slightly yellowish powder with a faint odor and minimal taste. It is soluble in water, alcohol, and various organic solvents, making it versatile for applications in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and surfactant industries. In the pharmaceutical sector, it serves as a dry binder for tablets, matrix formers for amorphous solid dispersions, retarding and film-forming agents. In cosmetics, it functions as a thickener, dispersant, lubricant, film-forming agent, and binder. Copovidone exhibits superior plasticity as a tablet binder compared to povidone, is less hygroscopic, more elastic, and is well-suited for film-forming applications.

Kollidon VA 64 has a K-value nominally at 28, with a range of 25.2-30.8, and is commonly used in tablets and granules at proportions ranging from 2% to 8% of the final weight. This enhances the mechanical properties of tablets, reducing brittleness and susceptibility to capping during tabletting. The dry binding activity of copovidone was studied alongside other binders, showing its exceptional efficacy, particularly in direct tableting. It significantly improves tablet properties like hardness and friability. Additionally, copovidone plays a role in controlled drug delivery systems, acting as a barrier to water penetration in matrix cores and enhancing tablet stability under tropical conditions. It has been utilized in sustained-release matrix tablets, demonstrating improved mechanical properties and reduced water absorption.

KoVidone® VA64 In Stock   

Product name     KoVidone® VA64 Copovidone

USP/EP name     Copovidone, Copovidonum

INCI/CTFA        VP/VA copolymer 60/40

CAS NO.         25086-89-9

K value          25.2-30.8 (Copovidone 28), 27.0-33.0 (Copovidone 30)

Properties       Hygroscopic capacity lower than KoVidone® K30; Soluble in water, alcohol and many other organic solvents; Glass transition temperature(Tg) lower than KoVidone® K30; Forms transparent, water removable films.

The content of vinyl acetate    35.3-41.0%


KoVidone® VA64 possesses excellent powder and film properties for broad application in the pharmaceutical field:

•  Water soluble tablet binder; suitable for wet or dry granulation and direct compression processes, improves particle compressibility.

•  Film-former; permeable film coating for tablet and sugar coatings to protect against splitting, decrease moisture sensitivity and provide good film adhesiveness, elasticity, and hardness.

•  Porogenic agent; for use in taste-masking and component of the matrix material used in controlled-release formulation.

•  Solubilizing agents; for solid dispersion processes to enhancing bioavailability and improve drug solubility.