Product & Application

KoVidone VA64

KoVidone® VA64   

Product name     KoVidone® VA64 Copovidone

USP/EP name     Copovidone, Copovidonum

INCI/CTFA        VP/VA copolymer 60/40

CAS NO.         25086-89-9

K value          25.2-30.8 (Copovidone 28), 27.0-33.0 (Copovidone 30)

Properties       Hygroscopic capacity lower than KoVidone® K30; Soluble in water, alcohol and many other organic solvents; Glass transition temperature(Tg) lower than KoVidone® K30; Forms transparent, water removable films.

The content of vinyl acetate    35.3-41.0%




KoVidone® VA64 possesses excellent powder and film properties for broad application in the pharmaceutical field:

•  Water soluble tablet binder; suitable for wet or dry granulation and direct compression processes, improves particle compressibility.

•  Film-former; permeable film coating for tablet and sugar coatings to protect against splitting, decrease moisture sensitivity and provide good film adhesiveness, elasticity, and hardness.

•  Porogenic agent; for use in taste-masking and component of the matrix material used in controlled-release formulation.

•  Solubilizing agents; for solid dispersion processes to enhancing bioavailability and improve drug solubility.