Product & Application



Product name:   PolyKoVidone® Crospovidone

USP/EP name :crospovidonum, crospovidone

INCI/CTFA :Insoluble PVP

CAS NO.:     25249-54-1

Properties:    Hygroscopic; Insoluble in water, acid, alkaline and all other common solvents; Swells rapidly in water without gel formation; Improves flowability and plasticity; Strong particle compressibility; Non-ionic; Chemically inert; Low Peroxide content

Special Type:          Based on the distribution of particle size the material is classified as either type A or B:

The particle size of crospovidone (PVPP) strongly influences the disintegration profile of tablets.


PolyKoVidone® possesses dual binding and disintegration properties while enhancing active solubilization. The product is used in the following applications:

•  Super disintegrant; due to its excellent swelling characteristics in water, PolyKoVidone® can be used as water insoluble disintegrant for wet and dry granulation processes. The material can be added either before or after granulation in direct compression tableting processes. It exhibits high capillary activity and pronounced hydration capacity, without the formation of gel.

•  Solubility enhancer; PolyKovidone® increasing the solubility of poorly soluble drugs via co-evaporation processes.

•  Suspension stabilizer; PolyKoVidone® increasing the viscosity and improves the dispersion properties to reduce the sedimentation rate of drugs, meanwhile increasing the re-dispersibility of said sediment. Suitable for liquid and instant oral preparations.

•  Complexing agent of drug ingredients; PolyKoVidone® stabilizes active ingredients in pharmaceutical products, improving drug solubility and bioavailability.