Product & Application

OraRez AN

OraRez AN (PVM/MA) CAS: [9011-16-9]

(methyl vinyl ether/maleic anhydride copolymer)




o 100% Free of benzene and aromatic solvents

o Broad molecular weight/viscosity range

o Water insoluble polymer having a reactive anhydride ring

o Perfectly alternating –ABAB- structure



OraRez AN copolymers are the safest PVM/MA material on the market today. They offer unique formulation and product development opportunities. Applications include:

o “Direct use” of the AN copolymer in pharmaceutical formulations

o Versatile reactive polymer for generating new derivatives

o Controlled release of bioactives

o Generation of hydrolysable linkages for prolonged drug release systems

o Generation of pH sensitive systems

o Hydrogel preparation