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KoVidone I 25655-41-8

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KoVidone® - I

Product name  KoVidone® - I

USP name     Povidone - Iodine

EP name      Povidone Iodinated Povidonum Iodinatum

INCI/CTFA     PVP-Iodine

CAS NO.      25655-41-8

Properties     Broad spectrum biocide; Soluble in water, ethyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, glycols, glycerin, acetone and polyethylene glycol; Film-forming; Stable complex; Less irritating to the skin and mucosa; Non-selective germicidal action; No known tendency for the development of resistant microorganisms.

Effective Iodine 9.0-12.0 %


KoVidoneÒ-I is a broad spectrum biocidal, antifungal and antiviral agent with extremely low risk of promoting microorganism resistance. Applications include:

  •  Used as an antiseptic agent against abroad spectrum of disease causing microorganisms.
  •  Widely used in pharmaceutical, veterinarian, agricultural and consumer good applications.
  •  Used for the disinfecting of skin and equipment before injection or surgery.
  •  Used for the treatment of: oral, vaginal, skin and hair infections.
  •  Highly effective at inactivating human and avian influenza viruses.
  •  Disinfectant used in the foodstuff, aquaculture and veterinarian industries to control pathogenic bacteria, reduce the infection of fish and fish eggs and prevent and cure animal diseases.

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