Product & Application


N-Vinylpyrrolidone/N-Vinylcaprolactam copolymerVP/V-cap

Chemical composition: N-Vinylpyrrolidone and N-Vinylcaprolactam copolymer

Abbr.: VP/CL or VP/V-cap 

AppearanceColorless to yellowish solution

CAS number:  51987-20-3

Solid content30±2%40±2% aqueous

VP/V-Cap ratio  50% VP/50% V-Cap

                      60% VP/40% V-Cap

                      Other proportion can be customized according to the need.

K value:  40±2 and 50±2, Other K value product can be customized.

Cloud point: 50℃(Related with the difference ratios




pHas is:   6~8

Residual monomer (by HPLC):NVP ≤200ppm V-cap ≤200ppm



1. Personal care. Use in hair styling products as Film-forming agent, thickening agent, such as hair gel, hair mousse, pump spray, etc. Use in cream emulsion as Emulsifying stabilizer; Dispersants for hair dyes; Foam stabilizer, etc.

2. Oil and gas field. Use to Oil/Gas Well Maintenance as inhibitor.

3. Metallurgy.  Use in metal quenching baths as viscosity modifier and non-toxic quench agent.

4. Pharmacy. Used in drug slow release, targeted drug delivery and treatment.

5. Textiles. Use to textile printing as dye dispersant. Use to temperature sensitive textiles and smart waterproof transparent fabrics as temperature sensitive material

6. Others. Such as special printing paper/coating; Temperature sensor.