Product & Application


Chemical description: 2-pyrrolidone

CAS No.: 616-45-5

Appearance:Colorless or pale yellow clear liquid

Characteristics: Soluble in water or organic solvents, melting point 24.6℃, boiling point 245℃, flash point 129.4℃, viscosity 13.1mPa.s(25℃), density 1.102g/cm3(20℃). Stable chemically, not erosive.


Purity (% min.)


Water (% max.)            


GBL (% max.)


Amine (% max.)


Color (APHA, max.)


Application: A high boiling point polar solvent, or intermediate in organic synthesis. Mainly used as the raw material of synthetic drugs "piracetam" and gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) ", also used as a high-boiling-point solvent for a variety of drugs and resin, or solubilizing agent for injection drugs; also can be used as a high concentration antibacterial agent for veterinary medicine.


200 liter galvanized steel drum, net 150kg/drum. (Or packing according to customer's demand)

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