Product & Application


N-Vinylpyrrolidone/N-Vinylimidazole copolymerVP/VI

Chemical composition: N-Vinylpyrrolidone and N-Vinylimidazole copolymer

Abbr.: VP/VI

AppearanceColorless to yellowish solution

CAS number:  29297-55-0

Solid content30±2%40±2% aqueous

VP/V-Cap ratio  50% VP/50% VI

                      Other proportion can be customized according to the need.

K value:  40±2.

pHas is:   ≈8



1. Personal care. Use in hair-treatment agent as surfactant.

2. Detergents. Use in Detergents for powder or liquid formulation.

3. Textile printing. Use to as a high performance anti-color additive.

4. Agriculture. Use in pesticide as dispersant for insoluble drugs.

5. Others.