Product & Application


What is PolyFilter®

PolyFilter® is the brand name of PVPP which produced by Boai NKY pharmaceuticals Ltd., and acted as Wine, Beer&other beverage’s stabilizer. It’s cross-linked homopolymer of 1-vingylpyrrolidine-2-one, and well know as polyvinylpyrrolidone and PVPP. It’s odorless or with  characteristic odor, insoluble in water, alkali, acid and all other common solvents,  hygroscopic, swells rapidly in water but without forming a gel.

Application: PolyFilter® used as stabilizer in beer, wine, tea beverage, juice & other beverage industry.

Chemical name Cross-linked homopolymer of polyvinylpyrrolidone, PVPP

INCI/CTFA  Insoluble PVP

CAS No. 25249-54-1; 9003-39-8

Appearence white or creamy white granular free flowing powder




PolyFilterâ  Single-use

PolyFilterâ Recycling








White to off - white,hygroscopic, free flowing powder

Identification(FCCV method)

No blue color appears

Water-soluble substances       % max


Acid /ethanol soluble substances  % max


pH(1%water suspension)


Moisture              % max


Residue on Ignition      % max


Assay of nitrogen        %


Vinylpyrrolidone     ppm max


Lead               ppm max


Arsenic             ppm max


Heavy metal         ppm max


Peroxides (Expressed as H2O2) ppm max


PVPP stabilizer for beer



Even through the beer are filtrated,stored some time later, the turbidity & sedimentation will be formed also, then the shelf-life will not be long. This phenomenon mainly caused by the polyphenols in the beer, such polyphenols have a particularly high haze-forming potential which will be caused the beer cloudy. PolyFilter® can avoid premature turbidity by the removal of polyphenols brings clear appearance & advantages in taste, also prolongs the shelf-life.


Mechanism of Haze Development


Fresh beer contains simple flavanoid polyphenols and kind of proteins, such polyphenols and proteins are easy to form weak hydrogen bonds, thereby form some compounds, and these compounds are invisible due to their low molecular weight.. 3 to 6 weeks later, the flavanoids oxidized and polymerized, and every 3-4 bonds formed one new unit substance-called “tannoids”. Tannoids can produce visible colloidal particles by naked eyes. The effect of hydrogen bonds which connect the polyphenols together are weak, when the temperature rise they are broken, then the turbidity disappeared. We call this “chill Haze”.

After a longer storage period, ionic and covalent bonds formed between the flavanoids and the proteins. They are stronger that can not be broken by an increasing temperature, so permanent haze would develop in beer.  


Advantages of PolyFilter®

Ø High effective at relative low dosage rates and with short contact times

Ø No residue

Ø Consistently achieve and make the maximum for beer shelf-life and constant quality.

Ø Colloidal stability of the beer even under extreme climatic condition

Ø No impact on foam, flavor or other beer quality parameters

Ø Easy to use

Ø Environmental friendly

PVPP stabilizer for beer


Safe to use

PolyFilter® is dissoluble in waterso can be removed though filter.

PVPP used as beer clarifying agent was applied in food field in 1973,and registered in Gerengy. The relatied laws and regulations can be found in current edition of food chemistry index, EU rules, Japan Register authority, and food and drug union regulation index. These systems also can be applied in supervise the application of PVPP in other beverage industries.

Single-use process

Preparing 5-15% PolyFilter® suspension with deoxidation water, continue to stirring mor than 60 minutes, making particles with beer to contact sufficiently.  PolyFilter® is added uniformly  accompanied by the process of kieselgur added continuously

Adsorption time & dosage

A few minutes of adsorption can get  obvious effect.But in order to give full play to the PolyFilter® effect, it’s recommended that the adsorption time more better lasts 10 can’t  influence on beer if extending the adsorption time.The dosage of PolyFilter® is controlled in the range of 10-45g/hl.

Recycling process

Preparing 10% PolyFilter® suspension with deaerated water in dosing vessel, continue to stir. After the beer filtered by kieselgur, PolyFilter® suspension is uniformly added to the beer filtration  through measurement .

Adsorption time & dosage

At least more than three minutes of the adsorption time can get obvious effect. Dosage is controlled in the range of 20 to 50 g/hl


Regeneration function--under alkaline condition, the hydrogen bond can open, polyphenols are dissolved clean, PolyFilter® is regenerated..


Each regeneration process loss about 0.5 to 1%. Suggested that  the concentration of PolyFilter® suspension should be checked at regular intervals, and adjusted properly