Product & Application

OraRez W

Trade Name:   OraRez® W

Chemical description: Free acid of the copolymer of methyl vinyl ether-co-maleic anhydride

CAS No. : 25153-40-6


Soluble in water and alcohols; Excellent wet adhesive strength; Bioadhesive; Strong chelating/complexing properties; Solution and film properties adjustable via carboxylic acid neutralization/reaction.






White to off-white powder

PH (5% in aq. soln.)






Specific viscosity SV (1% aq. soln.)



Heavy metals ppm max.




Oral Care: OraRez® W serves as a mucosal/dental adhesive resin for toothpastes and mouth washes providing long-lasting tartar control in combination with fluoride and pyrophosphate. Enhanced mucosal retention and delivery of drugs and actives. Active solubilizer. Buccal adhesive.

Skin Care: Bioadhesives, moisturization, active delivery, hydrogels, film former, chelator.


Oral Care:

OraRez® W forms protective films on teeth surfaces that resist erosion from saliva and acidic beverages. Dental tubes can be effectively protected to reduce dentinal hypersensitivity (Clin Oral Invest (2013) 17: 775-783).

The addition of OraRez® W to toothpaste and mouth wash products can increase the effectiveness of active retention in the oral cavity to make products more efficacious at reducing both plaque and tartar formation (J Clin Dent, 2010, 21 [Spec Iss] 93-123).

The strong complexing and film properties of OraRez® W is an important ingredient in oral formulations focused on reducing dental caries. A combination of OraRez® W/pyrophosphate/sodium fluoride is able to dissolve tartar seeds before they can grow into tartar crystals (US patent 4,183,914).

The excellent mucosal adhesive properties of OraRez® W makes it an excellent ingredient choice for buccal adhesive and mucosal delivery systems.

Skin care:

OraRez® W when used in the combination with such ingredients as: glycerin, glyceryl acrylate/ acrylic acid copolymers, propylene glycol can be the basis for moisture enhancing formulations. Resultant systems show excellent lubricity and impart a silky after-feel to skin creams and lotions.

The bioadhesive properties of OraRez® W makes it an excellent choice for the development of bandage adhesives (skin friendly) and hydrogels for wound care and active delivery.

The unique polyelectrolyte structure and binding properties of OraRez® W makes it an excellent choice for developing new advances in biomedical and skin care formulations focused on: drug transport systems, enzyme mobilization, nucleic acid and protein binding and “smart” active delivery systems.