Quality control (QC) Manager

2015-12-14  PViews:1697
Job responsibilities:
1 responsible for quality management of products and incoming materials;
2 responsible for the maintenance and control of quality documents and records;
3 responsible for the inspection and Liuyang work materials, process product and finished products;
4 to ensure the accuracy of inspection data, effective, timely, and seriously fill in the quality records;
5 other tasks to complete the delivery of the company;
Work location: Jiaozuo City Charity county.
1 major in pharmaceutical engineering, material engineering, quality and safety management, bachelor degree or above, 35 years old;
Over 2.5 years working experience in pharmaceutical industry, 3 years or above experience in quality control management. Working experience in the production of synthetic material is preferred;
3 familiar with national standards, industry standards, enterprise standards, internal control standards, health permits, production licenses, technical supervision and other laws and regulations and policies;
4 strong sense of responsibility, able to work independently, with innovative spirit and ability to solve problems;
5 good communication and team work spirit;
6 skilled use of various testing instruments;
7 familiar with office software.
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