Delegation from California USA visits Boai NKY

2019-04-08  PViews:568

On the afternoon of April 6, 2019, a delegation of 19 guests from California state administration of politics and business attended the henan international investment fair, led by Mayor Pro Tem Samuel Kang (City of Duarte, CA), visited the new open source boai factory.

Group photo of guests

In this sunny afternoon on Saturday, the new open source group vice chairman Mr Jian wang strong greeted all the guests, and to introduce the guests to the company's development history and the current in functional polymer materials and precise medical service of the double main business development situation, emphasizes the new open source is an international business enterprises, and through the acquisition of biological reagents BioVision (March 2018), and high-throughput gene sequencing and the depth of the world leading enterprise Illumina cooperation, has established extensive cooperation with the California,In order to broaden the medical research and clinical diagnosis and treatment of both companies in the application of technology has created a broad prospect.

Vice chairman wang through the new open source polymer materials exports the United States are also imposed a special 25% tariff (two kinds of material are the special duties included in the product List 2) suffered unfair treatment, for example, that China and the United States are "and while confrontation, war two defeats" relationship, hope to visit the government officials, entrepreneurs, pay full attention to and exert their influence, make is approaching the end of the two countries business negotiations as soon as possible the trump the President expressed by eventually withdraw their special tariff measures on both sides.

Attend the visit Kang Guchen mayor, and California Huron, mayor of Rey Mr Leon and Merced County sheriff Luo Jige - ace Mr Pinault and (Supervisor Mr. Rodrigo Espinoza, Merced County, CA) vice chairman proposal to give to the king the enthusiastic response, have expressed hope that the peaceful end as soon as possible trade war has come, says this is one of their important purpose of the visit, hope we can understand their thoughts - between China and the United States should be friends instead of enemies. 

Vice chairman wang jianqiang was introducing the company's development to the guests

Ms. Carmen Montano, city councillor of Milpitas, poses for a photo with Mr. Wang jianqiang

The guests to the new open source of the concept of green industrial development, and is being put into practice in many clean energy action is highly appreciated and energy-saving environmental protection efforts, at the same time listen to the layout of a company in the aspect of precision medical and effort, new open source in the future will be more new technology applied in the clinical medicine of medical detection had hope.

New open source acquisition to the headquarters of the Milpitas, California, senator BioVision Carmen Montano, ms learned that we have investment in her city, feel special surprise and excitement, though this is her first trip to China, but the development of China in fact beyond her imagination, hope in the future do what she can to promote the communication between China and the United States enterprises.

Leaders from henan provincial government, jiaozuo municipal government and boai county government attended the meeting.