BOAI NKY PHARMACEUTICALS LTD. participates “2022 in-cosmetics” European cosmetics raw materials exhibition in Paris

2022-04-15  PViews:1644

From 5th to 7th of April, 2022, BOAI NKY PHARMACEUTICALS LTD., a subsidiary company of Boai NKY Medical Holdings Ltd. (Stock Code: 300109), took part in the “in-cosmetics®Global” global personal cosmetics raw materials exhibition with a few new products. In this event, NKY released three new co-polymer products: PoliRez®, Nokesho® and DermaRez®, in which DermaRez® is a raw material product NKY has developed for skin care application. These new products launched this time enrich the variety of NKY products and provide customers of NKY with more options.      

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