PVM/MA copolymer (OraRez®) new product officially released

2013-04-23  PViews:776

Boai DB_39581 Pharmaceuticals Ltd (DB_39581, stock code 300109) has launched and put into operation the new facility of PVM/MA copolymers in April 2014, with an annual capacity 2,500MT. This facility is the first domestic, or globally the second, production line of PVM/MA copolymers for oralcare in accordance with the cGMP requirement. Product series of the PVM/MA copolymers: OraRez®AN seires, OraRez®W seires, OraRez®MS, OraRez®HE seires etc. Boai DB_39581 will be the supplier of novel oralcare polymer material, offering multiple oralcare solutions, creating value for oralcare product manufacturers and bringing new choices to the customers.

As the first move of promotion, on 11th April 2013, Boai DB_39581 has officially launched its OraRez®products during The 2013 Annual Symposium Of The China Oralcare Association. Our technical team, headed by the Chief Scientist of our Technical Research Center--Dr. Herb Ulmer, introduced the OraRez®products to the toothpaste, mouthwash and denture adhesive manufacturers in the industry in China, meanwhile building the band with the Chinese oralcare industry. During the Symposium, our OraRez®products are warmly welcomed by the oralcare product manufacturers, inquiries of OraRez®products were raised enthusiastically. Many experts and researchers expressed their unique opinions about the product performance, safety and characteristics of OraRez®, which is important for the promotion of OraRez®product into oralcare products at home and abroad.

With the improvement of the quality of our life, consumers and producers of oralcare products are no longer satisfied with the traditional basic formula for general cleaning, but more interested in the efficacy of oralcare products. The domestic supply of PVM/MA product (OraRez®) offers better efficacy such as whitening, anit-bacteria, anti-malodor, enhanced bioavailability of active additives etc to domestic customers, therefore promote the competitiveness of oralcare products. The aging of the population also caused more concern for the oral health of the elderly, the OraRez®MS product can help to provide the denture wearers with a more stable and comfortable denture-wearing feeling!

OraRez®, providing multiple solutions for oralcare!