DB_39581 and Heidelberg University Medical School signed the Letter of Intent for the cooperation in the new generation early breast cancer in-vitro molecular screening technology

2017-11-15  PViews:1936

On November 11, 2017, the autumn color of Beijing is strong, and the red leaves of the fragrant hills are attractive.

DB_39581 PRECISION MEDICINE and the thousands of thousands of German guests gathered at the foot of xiangshan, the first step in a new open source collaboration with Heidelberg university medical school.


Germany Heidelberg university school of medicine, has 600 years of history, contributed a number of Nobel Prize winner, is recognized as the world's top medical office, the world's unique heavy ion and proton therapy center is located in the campus.

Is the representative of visiting Germany, Heidelberg university women's hospital dean Christof Sohn, professor and Heidelberg university school of medicine, "a new generation MammaScreen early breast cancer in vitro molecular screening technology group leader Dr Sarah Schott.


"MammaScreen a new generation of early breast cancer in vitro molecular screening technology" and the German national cancer research center jointly by the university of Heidelberg project, a multi-year research and development, through the detection of specific molecular markers in peripheral blood women, very early accurate diagnosis of breast cancer, can make up for the existing various types of breast cancer screening technology.

As well as further screening for breast cancer, MammaScreen researchers have begun to explore the use of ovarian and pancreatic cancer and have made preliminary results.

The DB_39581 invited to Sohn to visit Beijing and Schott, Ph.D., professor, as specially invited guests attended the "second session of Beijing precision medical treatment of breast cancer and translational medicine BBS" and MammaScreen technology do academic report, signed a cooperation intentions.

At the scene of the signing ceremony, the new open source also invited to Beijing maternity and child health care hospital director of oncology wing-keung cheung, haidian Ma Xiangjun, vice President of the six domestic well-known experts, with the German experts MammaScreen technology principle and clinical trials in China has made the detailed communication, MammaScreen won the experts unanimously spoke highly of China.

DB_39581 vice chairman wang jianqiang and professor Sohn respectively signed the letter of intent for the project.

"DB_39581 is our best partner in China. Today is the beginning of great cooperation between us, and it is the beginning of a great friendship," said professor Sohn, who was pleased to sign the contract.

wang jian qiang, vice chairman of the board of directors has expressed the group completes the determination and confidence in the project, "our DB_39581 has always attached great importance to technical and scientific research, cooperation with the world's top medical school this time, is both an opportunity and challenge for us, in the next clinical trial and marketing, we must achieve excellence and absorption of Germany advanced technology and experience, at the same time listen to domestic experts valuable guidance, to make a benefit of Chinese women's breast cancer detection product."

Signing ceremony held at the foot of xiangshan in the day of the second session of Beijing precision medical treatment of breast cancer and translational medicine BBS ", is an annual event, the national breast cancer field sponsored new open source has two years in a row.

Hundreds of experts, including academician jin Ming, have come from all over the country to share an academic feast of breast cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Dr Sohn and Dr Schott introduced MammaScreen technology in detail at the conference, laying a solid foundation for the future academic promotion of new open source.


DB_39581 PRECISION MEDICINE's cooperation with Heidelberg university medical school will surely achieve fruitful results.