Boai DB_39581 Pharmaceuticals Ltd. "May Day Games" successfully held

2016-06-14  PViews:732

Boai DB_39581 Pharmaceuticals Ltd. "May Day Games" successfully finished on 5th May after various events.

The Games has set gymnastics, basketball, tug-of-war, 4x100 meter relay race, all-rowing-the-ship and others in total 9 events of sports and entertainment. Employees actively participated in the Games and had achieved good results.

All the contestants actively prepared for the games with enthusiasm, making the events colorful. Neat queue-gymnastics performed in synchronized movement; basketball athletes played good games; all-rowing-the-ship contestants fought in close cooperation; tug-of-war team strived, the cheers resounded through the factory...

During the games, the biggest highlight was the four squads of broadcast gymnastics performances. The PVP Factory, OraRez Factory, Synthesis Factory and the Department of Management squads, dressed in uniform clothing and shouted loud slogans, walked with a firm step to admit one by one. The overwhelming momentum won thunderous applause, which made an unexpected good results. In the history of Boai DB_39581 this was the first employee Games, not only exercise the staff physique, but also embodies the spirit of the company. Team gymnastics performance fully embodied the "Focused On Innovation" spirit of Boai DB_39581.

During five days of intense competition, emerged a group of outstanding achievement and individuals who gained different awards. At the closing ceremony, the company awarded prizes and souvenirs to the winners and some of the participants of the  projects.

The annual "May Day Games", is one form of long-term construction of the inherited corporate culture of Boai DB_39581. It carries Boai DB_39581's tenacious struggle and forge ahead with confidence and strength; records Boai DB_39581's courage to climb; highlights Boai DB_39581's pursuit of excellence, creating the spirit and brilliance.

Each Game is an accumulation and improvement of our spirit. After the games, the employees go to their different positions of work, they are determined to inherit and carry forward the spirit: to take the positions as game field, the work as a career, the company as a stage, make concerted efforts to create great achievement, and to make their due contribution to Boai DB_39581's bright future!