Boai DB_39581 successfully organized the Hainan tourism activities

2016-06-14  PViews:732

In the warmth of spring, all the flowers bloom in April, Boai DB_39581 Pharmaceuticals Ltd organized more than 300 employees (in three groups) "The Hainan Tour" and "Travel Photography And Essay Awards" activities, which is warmly welcomed by the employees.

Since the establishment, Boai DB_39581 Pharmaceuticals Ltd has been striving to become a globally well-known company and to create a brilliant future for everyone in the Boai DB_39581 family. Boai DB_39581 always adheres to the "People-oriented, Common development and Welfare for employees" business philosophy, with the increasing development of the company, all the employees also share the benefit from it. In 2016 the company launches a grand new projects of corporate culture, employees of the Hainan Tour activities.

During 5th-23rd April, all the employees, exciting and proud, with the deep concern of the company, flied to Haikou and Sanya in Hainan. Everyone toured the Boao Asia Forum venue, Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden, Wuzhizhou Island, The Ends of the Earth, Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone and other famous scenic spots. The employees deeply felt and experienced the endemic of Hainan: the blue sky, white clouds, the sun, the sand, the humanities, the species, architecture, customs, and enjoyed the great rivers and mountains of Hainan. During the journey everyone also broadened his/her horizon, increased the friendship, enhanced the emotion, activated the body and mind, and promoted personal qualities.

After the Hainan Tour, the company also organized the "Hainan Travel Photography and essay work awards" activities. The employees actively participated in the activity. The journey, the smell, thinks and wants of the beautiful moments, were presented in the form of photography and essays to everyone. A total of nearly 1000 pieces of landscapes, figures, creative arts, popular and other self photographic works, as well as more than 50 essays of travel notes, poems, thoughts and other essays were published. After preliminary assessment and reassessment, one piece of work was selected for each of the Excellent Photography Prize and Excellent Essay Prize, two for the Second prize, and three for the Third prize, also a number of works were selected for the Encouragement Award. The prize-winning staffs not only received the prizes, but also presented their works at publicity column, bringing joy and happiness to every employee and sharing Boai DB_39581'S corporate culture.

Through the success of the Hainan Tour and works Prize events, we enriched the cultural life of the employees, planted of enterprise culture construction, further glowed the staff morale, inspired the employees' love and enthusiasm, promoted the friendship between the employees, enhanced the sense of the cohesive affinity of the enterprise and the staff's sense of belonging and happiness.