GIHI CHEMICALS CO.,LIMITED, its former company is a small manufacturer who is specialized in the production of ester products which are used in the daily chemicals ,cosmetic products and skincare products. After many years' development,now our company has a research center,a sales & management,and one production factory.

Our research center now research and develop not only new products of our old products' serious but also get orders from many china big pharma companies on many new research APIs.At present,our research center can produce products from gram to kilograms,even more quantity.

Our research center now has :

1 Post-Doctor from abroad, 3 Doctors,4Masters,and several bachelors as research assistant.

Our factory is in the Hangzhouwan fine chemical industrial zone.Now our factory has many production lines and workshops to produce our stable order products for customers from china and abroad.Many of our products could be produced in very large quantity till to several ten tons per month.

We built very goods relationships with many big,medium,and small companies who are in the production field of daily chemicals and skincare products.The new production lines also could yield out ten tons new products per month.At present,our new series products mainly sold to European and USA market, and we now also become some big international healthy products companies' suppliers.

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